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Thursday, September 19, 2013

NFL Week 3 Picks

Philadelphia -3 vs. Kansas City (31 to win 25)
Kansas City 26 Philadelphia 16
Detroit +2.5 @ Washington (28 to win 25)
Green Bay -2.5 @ Cincinnatti (30 to win 25)
NY Giants +1 @ Carolina (28 to win 25)
Atlanta +3 @ Miami (30 to win 25)


Green Bay +7.5
NY Giants +11    (30 to win 25)
Atlanta +12.5

Season Record: 0-0
Teasers: 0-0
Parlays: 0-0

WOW absolutely horrid week

CFB Picks Week 4

Michigan -17 @ UCONN (30 to win 25)
Tennessee +16 @ Florida (28 to win 25)
Clemson -13.5 @ N.C. State (29 to win 25)
Clemson 26 NC State 14 -- L

Season: 0-0

Football Season. Let's go.

Been a long time.

Football season is here, so you know I'm about to start throwing some posts around. This year I'm going to bet every single week but I plan on keeping it to a minimum. Last year there were teasers, parlays, straight up's, over/unders. Need to chill with all that because it's way too confusing to keep track of. Week 1 and Week 2 I went nuts with all that shit, but time to stay the course here and grind out a nice profit this season. Let's get started.

This year I will be doing 3 College games per week and at least 3 NFL games per week. Posts to follow.

NFL I'll add teasers or a small parlay if I really like the games, but unlike last year I am going to scale back considerably on the extras.