Thursday, February 16, 2012

Doorman Has Perfect Work Attendance For 26 Straight Years

Yahoo - When Antonio de Sousa's car broke down on the way to work, calling a tow truck didn't enter his mind. Instead, he left the car beside the highway and ran five miles through downtown Tampa, Fla., to get to his job as a doorman at the Hyatt Regency hotel. "I was all sweaty, but I made it on time, at exactly 3 o'clock," he says. That sprint years ago kept him on track toward his current record: 26 years of perfect attendance. It may be hard to believe in an era of floods, flu epidemics and flexible schedules, but some people haven't missed a day of work in decades. They buck up when feeling ill and schedule events and activities around weekends and vacation days. They say, of course, that they keep coming for one reason: They love their jobs. Some own up, too, that streaks are just irresistible. Even so, fewer employers these days are rewarding perfect attendance with cash or gifts, partly because they don't want people coming to work sick. Also, growth in jobs that can be done from anywhere has shifted employers' focus away from stressing face time, toward "getting them to do their best work possible" from wherever they are, says Bob Nelson, an author on employee motivation and president of Nelson Motivation in San Diego.

Cool story bro. Why do you want to be at work? Enough of this "I love my job" bullshit, no one's buying that. You're a doorman. Holding doors for rich snobs is your dream job? Get real. Something doesn't add up here. I'd be real fuckin' concerned if I'm the Hyatt Regency, like there's dedicated then there's lunatics and your doorman is a lunatic. 26 years in a row of holding doors? Running to work 5 miles because your car broke down? I mean imagine the horror if he didn't get there to open those doors? People just walking right through plate glass windows and shit. Getting up screaming "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT DOOR COME FROM!?" This guy doesn't make sense, he's into something bigger I just haven't figured it out yet...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Where's the blocking here? Amateur hour, but dude you gotta keep your head on a swivel, can't have blitzers running free through the line like that bulldozing the quarterback. Audible to a run play next time? When you wipe the husky hair from your asshole spend some time in the film room or you won't be stepping foot off that patio anytime soon.

Giants. Don't Fuck Around - Resign Terrell Thomas Immediately

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Giants 101 - Recently, New York Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas discussed how he and the Giants organization were "on the same page" with regards to resigning for the 2012 season and beyond. Thomas tore his ACL in a preseason game against the Chicago Bears at the inception of his contract year with the team. In 2010, Thomas was a very productive player for the defense, recording 108 tackles, five interceptions, and four forced fumbles. If totally healthy, he is an absolute asset to any defense, particularly the Big Blue defense. On February 8th, Thomas began running at full speed. Tuesday, Thomas worked on some agility drills that displayed significant progress in his rehab process. Thomas has reiterated on a number of occasions that his goal is to be ready to play come week one of the 2012 season. Hopefully it will be with New York.

Look, I know everyone will have expectations for the Giants next season, they just won the Super Bowl so that's natural. I'm not going to sit here and say they were the best team in the league, in reality they had a myriad of problems and overcame them showing insane character and will to win. They got hot at the right time and exposed weaknesses of other teams while coming together and playing over their heads in their areas of weakness. That being said.....

Terrell Thomas is a fucking game changer. He was a lock Pro-Bowler this season, our only pure cover corner and the only corner who knows how to tackle. 108 tackles as a CB?! That's linebacker range. Replace someone like Aaron Ross, who I'm PRAYING leaves as a free agent, and plug in this guy? You're going from easily the WORST tackler on the roster to one of the best, not to mention upgrading the coverage skills by about a million. Thomas strengthens the secondary by a lot, takes the stress off the safeties which in turn allows them to do much more. You'll see Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle with a lot more freedom than they had all season and this could turn into an extremely dangerous secondary. Add to that, the better the coverage means the defensive line has much more time to get to the QB. Not like they needed it, but that will force throws and we'll also see an increase in turnovers. Crazy how much difference a solid CB can make, but when you replace someone like Aaron Ross it's almost like you're playing with 11 on defense instead of 10.

PS - If Jerry Reese is smart, he gives Thomas a one year deal to re-establish his value.... Thomas will play this year looking for a long-term extension and I wouldn't be shocked if he becomes an All-Pro.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Floyd Mayweather Is A Racist. Weird.

ESPN NY - Boxer Floyd Mayweather believes that New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin is getting national attention because of his race, rather than his exceptional play. "Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise," Mayweather wrote on his Twitter account on Monday afternoon. Lin's agent, Roger Montgomery, didn't immediately respond to a text message sent by Leonard Ellerbe, Mayweather's top adviser, didn't return a phone call from The Associated Press. Mayweather, however, responded to the story later Monday via a series of tweets. "Its OK for ESPN to give their opinion but I say something and everyone questions Floyd Mayweather," the boxer tweeted. "I'm speaking my mind on behalf of other NBA players. They are programmed to be politically correct and will be penalized if they speak up. "Other countries get to support/cheer their athletes and everything is fine. As soon as I support Black American athletes, I get criticized." Lin has become the talk of the NBA -- and the sports world at large -- for his unprecedented play over the last five games. Lin is the first player in league history to have at least 20 points and seven assists in each of his four career starts. The former Harvard grad has scored 109 points in his first four career starts, which is the most by any player since the NBA and ABA merged in 1976. In his last five games -- all Knicks wins -- the 23-year-old is averaging 26.8 points and 8 assists. Mayweather has drawn attention for racially insensitive remarks in the past. Mayweather went on a profanity-filled racist and homophobic rant against Manny Pacquiao in September 2010. In a video posted on UStream, Mayweather told Pacquiao, a Filipino, to "make some sushi rolls and cook some rice." He also said "we're going to cook him with some cats and dogs."

I honestly don't know what could possibly piss me off more, Floyd Mayweather talking again being the money greedy attention whore he always has been, or him playing the racist but saying he's not because he's black card. I'm so fucking tired of shit like this it's not even funny. So let's comb through these absolutely hilarious accusations from a boxer talking about basketball:

Racist Boxer: "Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise"

Stats from the article were pretty clear: "Lin is the first player in league history to have at least 20 points and seven assists in each of his four career starts. The former Harvard grad has scored 109 points in his first four career starts, which is the most by any player since the NBA and ABA merged in 1976."

So compared to black players, white players, orange players, purple players, green players, Lin is the ONLY player to do what he's done. Sorry was that racist? To provide statistical information about the league as a whole and not base it on race? Just that Jeremy Lin is doing things no one has done before 1976, but we shouldn't recognize that, we should talk about a LeBron dunk that happened in a meaningless regular season game like he's never dunked a basketball before.

Angry Racist Non-Basketball Player: "Its OK for ESPN to give their opinion but I say something and everyone questions Floyd Mayweather."

When you complain about race and refer to yourself in the third person, you're an asshole. ESPN gives their opinion's on sports because that's their job and that's what they get paid to do. You're a boxer who knows as much about basketball as I do, only difference is I appreciate numbers and don't give a fuck what ethnicity you are. I don't give a fuck if a space martian came from another planet and played point for the Knicks, as long as someone could run the goddamn point.

So bottom line, I don't know what Mayweather is expecting. The first of anyone to do anything always has and always will get attention. I guess we should blame his Eastern Conference Player of the Week on his race, and not the fact he just posted averages of 27.3 points, 8.3 assists and 2.0 steals. Definitely racism all the way, right?

PS - If Mayweather ever saw this blog I'd guarantee his response would be "I GOT 23 HOUSES AND 93 CARS WHAT YOU GOT", guy is a bajillionaire but money could never buy respect. Guy is a clown.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Looks Like That Victory Celebration Tom Brady Promised Went Well

NY Daily News - Patriots fans packed the lower level of Gillette Stadium in Foxborough on Sunday to give the AFC champions a raucous Super sendoff. But it was nothing compared to the party Tom Brady expects to have back in New England next week. “We’re going down there for one reason,” Brady said before the Patriots boarded their charter flight to Super Bowl XLVI. “We’re going to give it our best and hopefully we’ll have a lot more people at our party next weekend.” And with that, the cocky QB sent the estimated crowd of 25,000 into a frenzy, sending the Patriots off to their fifth Super Bowl in the last 11 years. It’s their first trip back, of course, since Super Bowl XLII, when the Giants spoiled the undefeated Patriots’ party plans with a shocking 17-14 win.

I wonder what it's like to promise 25,000 fans a victory celebration and then put up a 28.7 QB rating in the 4th quarter of a Super Bowl.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2 Of The Most Annoying Downfalls Of Your Favorite Team Winning A Championship

Haters and bandwagon fans. I know a couple of my friends who are huge Jets and Mets fans would love to have this problem, but I can't stand it. These two go hand in hand. The Giants haven't been World Champs for ten minutes and I'm getting bombarded with "Giants are lucky" texts and Facebook posts. Same people who send those are putting up huge defensive Facebook statuses about "Giants fans" in quotes like people who are Giants fans aren't Giants fans? And it's funny because who provoked them to do that? It's like this huge defensive hate filled post about wanting people to die but meanwhile no one actually said anything to you? It's confusing.

Then the reasons why they won become nothing about football or the fundamentals of the game and all of a sudden all about luck. Luck is what wins Championships now a days. Tom Brady actually not being good is lucky? How about the fact he's been unclutch since 2004? Why do people still think he's good? He chokes, end of story. He had Branch wide open and threw it right at Kenny Phillips, that's why Branch didn't catch the ball. If Brady had led him with the ball, that play might've gone for 40 yards, instead he threw it behind him and the ball actually should've been picked off. The Welker drop was an awful pass. He's wide open, he throws it to his back shoulder and high, just a shitty pass from someone who cannot possibly live up to the pedestal he's been placed on. After cruising through the first 3 quarters, Brady put up a passer rating of 28.7 in the most important part of the game. Not real sure how we can keep calling this guy clutch when he's done nothing to help his team win lately, and 2-4 in your last 6 postseason games is about as unclutch as you can possibly be.

But whatever, haters gonna hate and Eli's gonna beat Brady, just the way of the world. Haters do your thing.

The bandwagon thing fucking sucks, though. It's literally unavoidable, just nothing a fan can do about it. I am now clumped in to the millions of Giants fans around the world, no telling me apart from the rest now. There are going to be tons of fans coming out of left field and the ones who endured 15 degree wind chills in the parking lot and the ones who went to Indianapolis on a whim with no tickets just to be in the city the Giants were playing the Super Bowl in are left to get trampled and run over by the madness of these bandwagon fans.

Never bad to add new fans and followers, but it sucks to have they represent us as a whole. I had to go through this as a Yankees fan, and now Yankees fans have an awful reputation because of loud mouth attention seeking assholes who wear Yankees shit because they think it's the cool thing to do. They try to have arguments about sports and make the rest of us look like assholes. Celebrities who will become Giants fans will get interviewed and completely butcher someones name or basically admit they know absolutely nothing and it will reflect our fanbase as a whole. It's honestly the WORST. I think what's worse than a bunch of celebrities are the nobodies, the friends we have on FB that get into sports arguments with someone that actually has knowledge of the sport. It's so infuriating to watch them crash and burn while claiming Giants fandom, just crushing our fans reputation. Luckily for me, I've been overly public of my love affair with the Giants well before 2007, so that my friends actually appreciate these times for me. I just hate random people saying things like "WE DID IT!" when someone like myself, who's a die hard fan, had no clue this person even watched football let alone rooted for the Giants (not to mention the fact that "WE" didn't do anything, we're not on the team). Things like that bother me to no end because it just makes us all look like a bunch of assholes when you represent yourself as a Giants fan. If you don't know shit about sports just stay out of the conversation, it's in the best interests for everyone.

So Indianapolis Was Fun

Obviously I have a lot to get to in relation to the Giants win over the Patriots on Sunday. I've been so busy being in Indianapolis that I haven't gotten time to settle down and even think about what happened yet. Thing is, I don't get paid to do this stuff but if I did I'd more than likely be the best blogger in the world, but I don't so you're only getting about 31% effort 100% of the time. Trip was as flawless as a trip could get when planned and orchestrated within one hour of the creation of the idea, I'd say the biggest trip up for me was my phone dying at the end of the game. We brought chargers with us to the bar on Sunday morning, but left them in the car, so in other words we might as well not have brought them. Well we got to the bar at 9am and were there until about midnight, so the phone shut down right around the end of the game. I wanted to take video of the celebration that ensued but even if my phone wasn't dead I was busy recovering from a game winning nose bleed and hugging everyone in sight. It was pure madness, the place had be inexplicably 70% Patriots fans at the start of the game, with 3 minutes left and the Patriots up 17-15, there might've been 2 Pats fans left in the entire place. They all knew it was over and didn't wanna be around to get trampled in the celebration, can't blame 'em. Anyway I'll get into more details about the trip, the game, thoughts, reactions, all that stuff. But I don't get paid to do this so you'll get all that stuff when I feel like doing it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


It's like a never ending struggle to not be obese in this country. I say I'm going on a diet and BOOM someone decides at that very moment it's time to litter Downtown Brooklyn with the biggest and best burger places ever. If you were around to see my last piece on this, I was obviously really excited to be in the middle of this mayhem. But let's face it, can't eat this shit everyday, which is kind of good because you eat shit like that all the time, it kind of loses it's excitement. Imagine Christmas morning every single day? Fuck that, shit would just become like every other day, then a shitty day would be like how Christmas is now, you'd almost enjoy having a crappy day at that point. Only so much cheer and joy you can take before you need to flip out, well same goes for burgers.

Anyway, I try this new place today called 67 Burger. Zero idea what it is, never heard of it but the menu looks bangin' and the title has the word burger, so I'm game. Well turns out the place is legit, music blasting like I'm rolling into Against All Odds looking for throwbacks at the Palisades. So it got me thinking, where do I rank this undrafted free agent burger joint among the greats in the game?? Here we go:

Click to keep going:

Typical, Mets Fans Writing Articles Saying Yankees Are Better Because Their Stadium Doesn't Suck Like Theirs Does And It's Not Fair

What Mets Fans Have Resorted To While They're Team Goes Down In Flames, Writing Articles Blaming The Yankees For Everything:

WSJ - Ever since Citi Field opened before the 2009 season, the Mets' new home has drawn the ire of players and fans for its cavernous dimensions, making hitting a home run a Ruthian challenge. The situation became so dire that in January former Mets outfielder Jeff Francoeur called the stadium a "joke." That same year, a new ballpark opened in the Bronx. Yankee Stadium quickly earned a reputation as a launching pad, with home runs flying out at a record pace. In the stadium's second month of existence, first baseman Mark Teixeira shattered his bat—and sent the ball soaring over the fence. With that in mind, and the Subway Series set to resume in Queens this weekend, we decided to try a little experiment. Just how well would those Yankee sluggers do if they had to play half their games at Citi Field? The answer is striking. With the help of HitTrackerOnline's Greg Rybarczyk and the ESPN Stats and Information Group, we looked at every home run hit at the new Yankee Stadium by seven key Yankees (through Sunday). Of the 242 homers, only 120 (49.6%) would have cleared the fence at Citi Field, assuming average weather conditions. Rybarczyk, an engineer, tracks the distance of all home runs hit in the major leagues, using software that accounts for trajectory and atmospheric conditions. Using his data, he is able to estimate the number of parks in which any round-tripper would be a home run. Shortstop Derek Jeter would have been affected most, with just four of his 20 homers leaving Citi Field. For Robinson Cano, who hits most of his home runs into Yankee Stadium's short right field, the number is 18 of 40. Even Alex Rodriguez, one of the all-time best home-run hitters, would have lost 41% of his homers if he played his home games at Citi Field. The Mets' inability to hit homers at Citi Field immediately sparked a fierce debate among fans: Was the new ballpark to blame for their team's power outage, or did the Mets simply lack firepower in the lineup? After all, no team in baseball has hit fewer homers than the Mets in the past three seasons—something had to be held responsible. Statistically speaking, there's no doubt that Citi Field has played a tangible role. Wright, for example, hit 10 homers in his first season there after swatting at least 30 in the previous two years. Jason Bay has hit exactly 10 home runs in two seasons with the Mets after compiling 181 in the six years prior. Then there's the effect of psychology. In 2009, Atlanta's Chipper Jones said he thought Wright was becoming frustrated with the stadium's dimensions. Though Wright denied it, other players have acknowledged that hitting at Citi Field requires a certain mental makeup. "If you try to hit home runs at Citi Field, a lot of them are going to be flyouts and your average is going to go down, and you're not going to be that effective," outfielder Scott Hairston said. "You really have to battle yourself to stay within yourself and hit line drives." Wright may have been hurt by Citi Field more than anyone because of his propensity for hitting home runs toward right-center field—a trait he shares with many of the Yankees' best hitters. Cano, Teixeira and Curtis Granderson all hit a majority of their home runs in that direction, and Rodriguez also has power to the opposite field. None of the Yankee Stadium homers hit by Jeter or Rodriguez into right or right-center in the past three years would have left Citi Field. With three games scheduled this weekend, the Yankees hope to survive—and quickly head back to their bandbox in the Bronx. "Yankees' hitters are obviously excellent hitters," Hairston said, "and it makes them even better when they're playing in a ballpark like Yankee Stadium."

Now I know my close friends who are Mets fans are going to be up in arms about this, but let's just read an email I sent to the guys who sent me this at work. First of all, this was back in July before I started this blog and I just came across it.. With all the Super Bowl hype and football talk, figured I'd break it up with some good old Yankees/Mets shit:

Long article/write-up/response so hit the jump:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Cannot WAIT To Get To Indy

Ummmm Peyton who?! 100% understand the Luck jersey, probably a million of those floating around by now... But an Eli Manning Colts jersey?! I mean that's music to my fucking eyeballs. Talk about a home game for the Giants. I cannot wait to get my ass into Indy on Saturday and be flooded with Colts/Giants fans. Just couldn't ask for a better scenario for the Giants. All Colts fans obviously hate the Patriots, and hate Tom Brady.... but they all fucking LOVE Peyton Manning, except this guy who really wants Andrew Luck to play QB - talk about completely abandoning ship on the one guy who literally made your franchise what it is right now, what a jerk right???? But anyway, so if they love Peyton they have to have a soft spot in their heart for his little brother who's about to pass him in ring collection rankings. OOOOHHH BOY this weekend is going to be so fucking outstanding I can't even stand it! If we got Colts fans making personalized Eli jersey's, we've got a serious homefield advantage - but technically it's still a road game in the postseason so the Giants should be golden.