Thursday, February 16, 2012

Doorman Has Perfect Work Attendance For 26 Straight Years

Yahoo - When Antonio de Sousa's car broke down on the way to work, calling a tow truck didn't enter his mind. Instead, he left the car beside the highway and ran five miles through downtown Tampa, Fla., to get to his job as a doorman at the Hyatt Regency hotel. "I was all sweaty, but I made it on time, at exactly 3 o'clock," he says. That sprint years ago kept him on track toward his current record: 26 years of perfect attendance. It may be hard to believe in an era of floods, flu epidemics and flexible schedules, but some people haven't missed a day of work in decades. They buck up when feeling ill and schedule events and activities around weekends and vacation days. They say, of course, that they keep coming for one reason: They love their jobs. Some own up, too, that streaks are just irresistible. Even so, fewer employers these days are rewarding perfect attendance with cash or gifts, partly because they don't want people coming to work sick. Also, growth in jobs that can be done from anywhere has shifted employers' focus away from stressing face time, toward "getting them to do their best work possible" from wherever they are, says Bob Nelson, an author on employee motivation and president of Nelson Motivation in San Diego.

Cool story bro. Why do you want to be at work? Enough of this "I love my job" bullshit, no one's buying that. You're a doorman. Holding doors for rich snobs is your dream job? Get real. Something doesn't add up here. I'd be real fuckin' concerned if I'm the Hyatt Regency, like there's dedicated then there's lunatics and your doorman is a lunatic. 26 years in a row of holding doors? Running to work 5 miles because your car broke down? I mean imagine the horror if he didn't get there to open those doors? People just walking right through plate glass windows and shit. Getting up screaming "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT DOOR COME FROM!?" This guy doesn't make sense, he's into something bigger I just haven't figured it out yet...

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