Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who Is Maria Kirilenko And Why Did I Not Know She Existed?

Holy shitballs right? Like who is this little fireplug and where did she come from?? Russia, of course. What is it with the US right now? Is Serena Williams really the best we can come up with? Russia just brings smoke after smoke onto the tennis scene and we answer with Serena Williams. Great. Just rolling in Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova like it's no big deal in we roll out a cross between Patrick Willis and Brandon Jacobs.... Seriously what is this? We need to step our fuckin' game up, Russia is obviously still pissed about the Cold War and Rocky kicking their dicks in so they're just breeding super athletes who are hot as fuck to come take over our country. Our entire country is going down the toilet I say we swallow our pride a bit and take a page out of Russia's playbook here and start creating girls as hot as this that are athletic enough to still look hot playing a sport.

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