Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bros vs. Betches?

Alright so I asked a friend of mine, who happens to be a female, what content I could provide for my female viewership of all 3 girls that know this site exist so that I can keep them happy. She pointed me to this site about "Betches" that she says she reads a lot and that she can relate to. So I peruse the site, and realize it has about a bazillion views and is apparently hugely popular. That kind of pissed me off, but I kept reading. Some of the site was pretty funny, and some was just annoying. It felt like they were just listing off shit guys do and claiming they invented this shit like two weeks ago. I figured out it was annoying because it sounded real familiar. Well my roommate happens to read this site about "Bros" (thanks dick, guess my site isn't bro enough for you) and it's virtually the same exact thing. Only thing is this "Bro" site has been around for a lot longer, and they have the same exact URL addresses:



Let me just be clear where I stand here on this situation: My stance is honestly not giving a fuck. I fucking hate anyone that uses the word "bro", has to be the worst word of all time and people that say it are fucking losers, plain and simple. Like my roommate sent me that site a while ago and I read it for maybe 3 minutes and never thought about ever reading it again, inserting the word bro in every sentence is so unbelievable I can't even stand it. Now for the "Betches", stop acting like men, it's disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I mean I can't even fault them because you gotta strike while the iron is hot, and with Barstool and this "Bro" site up and the millions of others like them, there's nothing for women. Honestly making fun of girls is pretty easy and to me it's pretty light hearted. Like seriously do I really feel women should stay in the kitchen? Yes. But other things I don't really mean. But there's so many manly feminist former softball soon-to-be gym teachers out there, that they needed something to follow - so there's this "Betches" site. I can see why it's popular because it's the only one - it was a necessary product and whoever put it together was actually smart, because there was no way it wouldn't catch on. There's probably room for another one, too. But a site like mine, there's like 39 million and I won't get much more than 100 views a day on my site because it's been done before. So I give them credit, but stop stealing ideas directly off another site, at least change it a little bit and not be that obvious.

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