Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Do You Have Daddy Butter?"

So I came across this video yesterday and first thought was "Why am I still watching this? This is gonna suck...." Well I completely underestimated it, and I started crying I was laughing so hard. I'll say there are two things that make me cry laughing - 1) People falling unexpectedly because no matter what they are going to react like absolute crazy people and 2) People trying to genuinely hold back laughter - seriously might be the most underrated thing out there. When these guys flipped a page and read the shit the other guy put down it's no faking it that it was definitely the first time they saw it, there's no faking the shock that is written across their faces. "Oiling painting of circus clowns storming the beach at Normandy" has to be the best one hands down, it was like an entire sentence. You know he wrote that like "Yeah asshole, if you get this far no way you're getting past this one - no way an employee at Target is going to think they have this in stock" but BOOM they got that shit in sporting goods! Besides that one, here's my top 5:

1) Mormon disco ball
2) Left-handed washing glove
3) Fancy boy lip glitter
4) Pre-made toast
5) One of those TV's that doesn't have commercials on it

Basically the bald dude wrote the best list, but the guy reading it was the best reader. It was a perfect combination. It was too real not to laugh at, just everything going on in there - the fact the lady had absolutely every item on that list in stock except for Fancy Boy lip glitter. This really makes me want to do this in real life now, I need to find someone to do this with immediately.

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