Tuesday, December 13, 2011



THE ROCK! TATUM! AND WAS THAT BRUCE FUCKING WILLIS?! CHILLS EVERYWHERE FOR THE WIN!! I'm going to see this movie 100 times and I didn't even see the first G.I. Joe because that shit looked STUPID! You put the motherfuckin' ROCK in a movie and I'm all in! You add my number 1 man crush of all-time Channing Tatum and we've got ourselves a BLOCKBUSTER folks!!!! What did that date say June of 2038??? Why is a movie trailer of this magnitude out so early?! I won't be able to hold it in much longer let alone June, I need a pre-release copy or one of those cool ones the critics get and shit and I'll need it by tomorrow, thanks.

PS - Who the hell was the girl in there? SMOKEBOMB!

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