Monday, December 12, 2011

Feels Good To Be Back Home - First Place In The NFC East

DO IT ELI! Guy is a fucking boss. After Dez Bryant caught that TD it was easy to think this game was over, thought crossed my mind... But Eli was on point last night, minus the fact he can't set up a screen pass for the fucking life of him, I believed he'd make it interesting... See he has this weird thing, if they NEED to score a touchdown, he'll put them in a spot to do it. If they're up by 10 or just trying to keep possession to win a game, he is awful. He needs to be aggressive and off the leash, and the situation last night called for it and he delivered. Again. He finally started using Victor Cruz even after he dropped wide open passes in the first half, and it helped them move the ball in the middle of the field. Jake Ballard became huge in the fourth quarter again, making big time catches and slowly but surely running real crisp routes. Hakeem Nicks.... What else can you say about this guy? Every single week shows how he's one of the all around top WR's in the game - his route running is near perfect, his hands are huge, his footwork along the sideline is insane, and his mind game with Eli is perfect. The chemistry between the two is crazy, and came into play on a couple occasions last night when the Cowboys broke coverage. Mario Manningham.... Guy needs to buy another pair of hands. I'm actually happy he dropped the potential game winning touchdown, because it was definitely too early to score - but minus the long wide open busted coverage touchdown, he looked pretty bad last night. Sure, he's playing hurt, but since he came into the league he's had a bad habit of bobbling every pass thrown to him and last nights drop could've ended the Giants season had they not scored.

Defensively there's not much positive to say other than JASON-PIERRE-FUCKIN'-PAUL! 12.5 sacks including his first career safety last night. This guy is an absolute monster and has been bringing it every single game this season. He'll definitely be making a trip to Hawaii at the end of the year. Guy made the play of the game, and really only defensive play of the game, blocking the potential game tying kick and winning the game for the Giants.

Let's just get this out there because it's pretty obvious but I want to vent about it. I fucking hate Aaron Ross and he fucking sucks. Has there ever been a worse 1st round pick that hasn't lived up to his potential yet still plays? Besides David Carr, who's also on the Giants? Watching the last Cowboys drive I say to Craig: I'm watching Miles Austin right now because it's nuts that they have Aaron Ross on him. Who makes 2 huge catches to put the Cowboys in FG range? Miles Austin, with absolutely no defensive struggle from Aaron Ross. Guy is brutal in coverage and he's afraid to tackle people. He literally offers nothing to the defense at this point.. Love to see him cut but with the injuries it's impossible to let anyone go at this point.

Tony Romo might have thrown 4 TD's last night, but talk about NOT clutch - this guy and all the not clutch hype is completely warranted. He had ample opportunities to put the Giants away and he couldn't do it. The 3rd and 5 play when Miles Austin literally ran right past Aaron Ross on a Giants all out blitz, he was wide open with NOTHING around him and Romo overthrew him. Just make that play and the Giants season is literally over and you have a clear path to the division title.... Too much for Romo to handle and he flat out missed him. Cowboys punt, Giants score, game over.

Huge win, Giants now control their own destiny which is scary as fuck. I'll be at the game next week which just became a lot more interesting. Giants need this win against a scary Redskins team, and they'll already know what the Cowboys did since they play @ Tampa Bay on Saturday night. Giants are 2-2 in the division and will need this win because they need all tie-breakers they can get. Eagles still mathematically alive which really pisses me off, they win out and the Giants and Cowboys lose a game, they'll win the division. What happened to the NFC East?

PS - Can't wait for this team to be at full strength next year, they're going to be fucking SCARY!

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