Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LOCK Pick Standings Through Week 13, Sorry Mike

In terms of pure winning percentage, Galt holds the lead, but if I picked games only on weeks I felt like it I'm sure I'd be doing better as well - but because myself and Mike are real men we make our picks each week subsequently choosing harder games therefor lowering our success rate - so since we've each picked in four weeks that Galt conveniently did not, we obviously deserve more credit. That's why I wrote all that.

2011 Standings:

Galt: 17-9-1 (.630)

RP: 21-17-1 (.538)

Mike: 17-19-3 (.436)

Mike is enduring one of the toughest yet strangest stretches of his career, 5-12-1 since week 8 including a brutal 0-9 stretch. I'd have to assume the worst is behind him as he looks to finish the season strong into the playoffs.

Galt has decided to pick and choose his weeks as if this was a legitimate gambling operation and money was actually involved, yet in real life still is afraid to gamble despite his 63% winning rate. Maybe that will change and he'll start making moves so we can get some money flow into the apartment.

I've tripped up as of late, after my first 3-0 of the season week 9 I followed it up with my first 0-3 week. Bounced back with two winning weeks in a row and looking to extend my lead in the wins column to close out the season strong. Once the Playoffs come we'll have to pick every game so there's more chance for a shakeup in the standings.

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