Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Response to Swag’s Predictions

-These have to be the most boring Eastern Conference predictions of all time. You have all eight teams that made the playoffs last year making it again, and in almost the identical order. Creativity is way down.

-Miami vs Oklahoma City? Every major sports site has made that same prediction (which means it won’t be right but that’s another story). I would like someone to explain why it’s assumed the Thunder are going to the Finals. KD and Westbrook are superstars, but look at the Western Conference, and other leading contenders have two superstars: Pau / Kobe, Griffin / Paul, Manu / Duncan (he’s old but still great).  Their coach looks like an idiot and judging by what people say about him, that seems pretty accurate. They have a bunch of role players (Harden, Ibaka, Perkins, Sefolosha) that don’t scare anyone on offense. They are good, but I don’t know why everyone is handing them the West.

-I really like the “honorable mention” part.  Of the 15 teams in the Western Conference, you identified 11 that could make the playoffs. I think you should have included the other four teams too so you can say you were right no matter who the eight playoff teams are.  In total, you think 21 of the 30 teams could make the playoffs this year. Really going out on a limb there.

-I did not forget about Orlando being in the NBA. I don’t think their team is good, and my guess was that Dwight Howard gets traded to the JayZ’s.

-The Nuggets: I’m looking forward to watching this team. I think they are the best team in the West, and you don’t think they’ll even make the playoffs (you do have them in one of the honorable mention slots). Nene will hold down the fort at Center. The PG combo of Lawson and Andre Miller will be great. Danilo fits in perfectly on the run’n’gun squad. Afflalo plays lockdown D and hits open shots. They go at least 10 deep, and Timo Mozgov is a fine backup center. The fact that Kosta Koufos is getting some burn does have me concerned, but I did not foresee that before the season started.

-The Pacers: Indiana has very solid players at every position: PG (Collison), SG (George who is a 6’10 stud), SF (Granger), PF (West), and C (Hibbert) before you factor in the bench (Hansborough, Hill, Foster). Plus, they still have money to spend so they might be able to pick up another piece at the deadline.

Editors Note: Didn't feel like putting up another post just to blast the other guys picks and make fun of him because I realized my picks were made in dreamland and his were based in the real world. But hey my bad about the Honorable Mention part - I thought those were the teams that could scratch, claw and fight for that 8th spot, that's why I had the Nuggets there. If I knew it was a big joke I would've put them first too. Not my problem the NBA has 92% of the league make the playoffs.

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