Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So I Guess This Kid Bought These Sneakers And Didn't Deserve To Get Demolished? - Nine students have been expelled from a Massachusetts college following a brutal beating that was caught on camera. Police say the fight started over a pair of sneakers. Criminal charges will be filed in the case. The explanation posted on the web with the video said the victim stole the sneakers of the kid who beat him — an expensive $225 pair of Nike Foamposite sneakers. You can see the student take the sneakers off the victim. But police say the sneaker did in fact belong to the victim. They contacted the victim’s family, who produced a receipt for the shoes. Police say either the student mistakenly thought the victim had stolen his shoes, or he wanted to steal the victim’s sneakers, so he made up the story. Either way, the school has expelled that student and eight others at the scene after viewing the video.

Remember when I wanted to know what was worse than getting knocked out? Well looks like we just got the answer - Pres did a write up over on Barstool Boston that pretty much sums it up. If you're going to knock a dude out and beat the shit out of him for stealing your Foamposites you better be damn fuckin' certain he stole your Foamposites. Now it's pretty obvious this was all set up to just hijack the shoes off this kid. But shoes are a tough crowd, I mean how are you sure you guys have the same size foot? Say you're even that good that you can eye up a shoe and know it's a 12.5 - what makes you think the contour of your foot is the same? Maybe that kid is heavy on his right turns and the sole of the right Foamposite is more worn than the left, making cutting a lot more difficult. Good luck crossing someone over to the left, that's just a torn ACL waiting to happen because you're wearing shoes contoured to some other dudes feet. Just a risky move if you ask me. Then again you could be expelled and facing criminal charges, too.

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