Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NBA (Pre?)Season Predictions

So Mike decided to post his season prediction/preview on his own site and not this one which is kind of weird considering all we do is basically bullshit about sports like we know what we're talking about, and since he went 0 for the second half of the NFL season on picks I figure his predictions would fit right in here, but I guess I'll go at it alone.... And unlike Mike and his huge balls for picking the Nuggets first in the West, I'm not doing that.

Eastern Conference (Mike's picks in italic and parenthesis)

1) Chicago (Miami)
2) Miami (Indiana)
3) New York (New York)
4) Boston (Chicago)
5) Orlando (Boston)
6) Atlanta (Philly)
7) Philadelphia (Atlanta)
8) Indiana (New Jersey)

Honorable Mentions: Milwaukee, New Jersey

Western Conference

1) Oklahoma City (Denver)
2) Dallas (LA Clippers)
3) LA Clippers (Dallas)
4) LA Lakers (Oklahoma City)
5) San Antonio (Memphis)
6) Portland (San Antonio)
7) Memphis (LA Lakers)
8) New Orleans (Portland)

Honorable Mentions: Denver, Golden State, Minnesota

NBA Finals: Oklahoma City over Miami (KD vs. LB wow - 99% wishful thinking, 1% is with the Knicks making it)

MVP: Carmello Anthony (New York)

ROY: Alec Burks (Utah)

Few things about this - myself and Mike obviously have different views on some teams, and I think that's the only way to look at it. There's a black and white side with no grey area when you look at some of the teams across the league, you're either on one side or the other.

People either think New Orleans is going to absolutely tank without CP3, or they're going to be alright with Eric Gordon and the crop of talent the Hornets got in return. I think they'll be alright, they weren't all that great to begin with but I can see them pushing for a playoff spot at the end of the season in like 2 weeks.

I personally don't think signing David West makes Indiana a top two seed in the east, no way that team goes from 37-45 to a 50 win team (project a regular 82 game schedule), I can't see him making much of a difference. I do like Roy Hibbert, but rumors are out that they're going to be shopping Granger by seasons end (or trade-deadline-end) - If that happens I think it would just paralyze the team for a few weeks adjusting to a new look, which they don't have time for this season.

The Denver finishing first in the Western Conference thing... Honestly have no clue why anyone likes this team. A third of their starting lineup was starting for the 2010 NY Knicks, but not the good ones. Gallinari is one of the streakiest players in the league, and Timofey Mozgov is still looking to reattach his balls after Blake Griffin stomped on them. Nene is solid, but getting older and if this is who they're relying on that's nuts. Afflalo is getting better but still, is this the guy that replaces Melo's scoring? Ty Lawson is a solid PG, but this team is a complete 180 from a year ago. If there are concerns the Knicks need time to gel, the concerns HAVE to be there for the Nuggets. JR Smith, Wilson Chandler and Kenyon Martin are in China and contractually unable to sign an NBA deal until their Chinese team finishes its season (earliest being Feb. 15th, latest March 28th). Good luck.

Orlando still plays in the Eastern Conference. They're making the playoffs. I'm not going to insult Mike, I just honestly think he forgot to put them there. Even if D12 gets moved, they have enough to survive the likes of Milwaukee and New Jersey. Unless he goes to New Jersey.

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