Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Official. Jessica Burciaga Has Moved From 1A To Undisputed Number 1 Over Arianny Celeste In The "Girls I'd Marry With Zero Prerequisite Of Ever Speaking To Or Getting To Know Them" Poll

So the one girl I've ever seen who could challenge Arianny Celeste in this ultra exclusive poll has been Jessica Burciaga. Well the last few days she's pretty much copied the NY Giants blueprint and has caught absolute fucking fire at the right time. Just stepping her game up when it matters the most. She's been Instagraming straight sex since literally the second I got my iPhone Saturday and whoever thinks that's a coincidence is absolutely nuts. This couldn't be more of a Giants/Packers scenario, sure her and Arianny have played each other close in the poll over the last year, but head to head this week it was a fucking blowout. Her little Instagram blitz changed the game - your move Arianny, good luck and all - but I don't think you can recover from this.

Click for more of this weeks Instagrams and Twitter shots:

Top Left: Hotter version of Kim Kardashian. Top Right: Hotter version of herself? Bottom pics: Blows Jennifer Lopez in her prime out of the water.

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