Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reality TV Officially Out Of Control

Huffington Post - For the four paralyzed women starring in a new reality series, the show is about pushing right through stereotypes, disappointments and career obstacles. Set to debut in April, "Push Girls" will give viewers an unscripted look into the lives of four gorgeous ladies who became disabled after enduring tragic car accidents or debilitating diseases, the Sundance Channel announced. Producers hope that by bringing the series into mainstream television, they'll demonstrate how strong people with disabilities are -- and that it's OK to look and talk about their conditions. "The indomitable spirit of this series will give viewers permission to stare at a world that they may previously have been too polite -- or too frightened -- to explore," Sarah Barnett, Sundance Channel's General Manager, said in a release.

I put this right up there with flamboyant gayness, hardcore religious freaks and people like Craig Sager - just pure attention whores - look I have no problem with you being gay and shit, just don't shove it down my throat. You ever ride the subway in NYC and see two huge lezbos with low fades, JNCO's and cut sleeve jean jackets just finger blasting the fuck out of each other while staring at you? All the time right? Like I have no problem with you "guys" doing whatever you wanna do, just don't stare at me while you're doing it like you're challenging me not to look at you or something. It's like they don't do it because they wanna finger blast each other or they like wearing really stupid outfits, they just do it for attention because they want you to watch them and then call you a pervert and make a scene, like what they're doing is completely normal... Like don't tell me how much you love God and how much I should love him, fuck outta here with that. Craig Sager, just report the fucking injuries from the locker room without wearing the entire Tommy Bahama clothing line at the same time. And if you're in a wheelchair, don't make a reality show telling me I need to pay attention to you because you're in a wheelchair. I fucking HATE when people who are disabled cry about wanting to be treated like everyone else, and then when they're treated like everyone else they fucking cry about how disabled they are. Now we need a reality TV show about people rolling around making all the rest of us depressed watching them get out of bed and shit? No thanks. This reality TV thing is way out of control, can I get a scripted make believe sitcom please???

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