Thursday, January 19, 2012

Husband Gives Up Life Jacket To Save Wife Because She Couldn't Swim; Husband Promptly Drowns

HuffPo - He did what any husband would have done for his wife. As the Costa Concordia cruise ship went down off the west coast of Italy Jan. 13, Nicole Servel's husband, Francis, gave her the only life jacket they had, reports. That was the last she saw of him. "I owe my life to my husband," Servel, 61, told the news outlet, explaining she doesn't know how to swim.

What world am I living in? Newsflash people, life isn't a Nicholas Sparks novel, when 61 year old bitches can't swim: people die. And what the hell are they talking about with this "he did what any husband would have done for his wife" nonsense? Ummm does this idiot know the divorce rate in this country? It's like 99% and 99% of that is a direct result of Facebook. I'd think that's the perfect time to act like you're trying real hard to take the vest of to give it to her but you can't seem to get the strap to loosen, you know how stubborn those things get? Then once she goes under just whistle and start looking around then paddle your ass to the Italian coast and enjoy life with no divorce filings and child support payments. Boom, done and done.

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