Friday, January 6, 2012

Tiger's Ex-Wife Buys $12 Million Dollar Mansion; Immediately Bulldozes It

Yahoo - There are times when divorce forces people to do strange things. Burn sheets. Throw out clothes. Toss rings into the ocean. But when you get $100 million in your divorce, you can trump just about anything and that's what happened with Tiger Woods' ex-wife when she bought a $12 million home and bulldozed the whole thing. Yes, according to TMZ, Elin Nordegren bought a $12 million home in North Palm Beach, Fla., but didn't like it, and has plowed the whole thing. The house, which had six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, is now just rubble, with no word yet on what is going to replace the beautiful building you see above, but I guess when you have nine figures in the bank, it doesn't really matter what you want.

What a bitch, right? Seriously what a fuckin hard ass, oh I didn't like the $12 million dollar house so let me just buy it anyway and smash it to pieces. How about you just go find another $12 million dollar house you like? Wasn't this slut a fucking nanny before Tiger basically made her a bazillionaire? Now she's just running around buying shit and bulldozing it like it ain't no thang. Some life. Why does anyone even feel bad for this psycho? If I was married to some bajillionaire and I was changing diapers before I met them, I would pray to God they cheated on me like that, it's like winning the lottery. You get out of marriage altogether, now you're single and have half the empire - if anything this bitch should be on a weekly schedule of having to suck Tiger's dick because she should be thankful as a motherfucker.

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