Friday, January 6, 2012

Michael Phelps Breaks Up With 11 Out Of 10 Girlfriend Like An Idiot

Some people might sit here and applaud Phelps for getting out while he still can, saying he's young and should play the field and all that like Jeter does - thing is though.... and make no mistake about it.... He is no Derek Jeter. This dude is flat out ugly. Sit here and try to tell me this isn't Eli Manning's ugly twin brother:

When you look like this, you can only use the "I won 8 gold medals one time in the Olympics" line so many times. I would probably stop using it right around the time I bagged Miss California. There's ambitious, then there's "whoa slow your roll buddy" and this one is the ladder. Sure he'll probably pick up a couple porn stars here and there, but you're not getting long term ass like the 11 you just had. This goes against all my better judgement because I don't believe in being a celebrity and staying in some sort of fake relationship, but I'll say this was a bad move by Phelps here.

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