Thursday, January 19, 2012

Burger King Delivers?

Yahoo - Are you craving a Whopper but just don't want to get off of your favorite chair to run out to get it? Now you can have it your way with just a jog to your front door. Burger King, who is now No. 2 in fast food burger chains behind McDonald's, has been doing a test run in the delivery service in the Washington, D.C., area. The delivery service is a major business strategy to keep their fast food junkies happy and to keep them coming back. Now the customer can keep coming back by having the food coming directly to them. The question remains as to how burgers and fries will stay fresh and edible when they arrive at your doorstep. Burger King says that they have an answer to that question. They have developed a way of transporting their burgers. They have developed a "proprietary thermal packaging technology," says Jonathan Fitzpatrick, chief brand and operations officer for Burger King, "which ensures the Whopper is delivered hot and fresh, and the french fries are delivered hot and crispy." Fresh hot food, quick delivery and you don't even have to leave the house. What more could you ask for in a burger joint?

I call bullshit. There is absolutely ZERO percent chance those fries are hot and crispy. That's such a bag of lies I can't even stand it. I don't care what "technology" they think they have, but unless they're carrying around a fryer full of boiling oil I can't see any of that being real. Just no way a place like Burger King and its employees could give a SHIT about what your food tastes like once you get it, shit you already paid for it. You're getting a mushy soggy Whopper and room temperature rubber fries, just no way around that. But you're absolutely nutso if you don't think I'm trying this as soon as I possibly can.

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