Saturday, December 24, 2011


Gotta do this fast because it's 12:45 and right now I have maybe 1 sure pick in my head, but I just thought of two more so here we go:

Philadelphia +1 - The team is hot right now, and with the Cowboys and Giants looking like pure shit, they actually might win the division when they win the next two games. Fuck it hurt to write that.

Denver -2.5 - Tebow isn't wearing sleeves in Buffalo, God's son doesn't lose.

San Diego +1.5 - Typical Chargers, making an inexplainable run to win the division. They need this game, Detroit is slipping, their defense can't match up with Rivers and V Jax when they're hot.

2011 Record: 22-18-2

WC Picks (Record: 9-11):

Seattle +1.5 - SF has nothing to play for at this point, Marshawn Lynch will get the first rushing TD against SF this year.

NY Giants +3 - Just praying for a shootout, really is the Giants only hope is if this game becomes a barnburner. They need to admit they're a passing first team this year, please just don't try and run/run/pass. Pass all day, Nicks needs to come up big on Revis.

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