Friday, December 9, 2011

Brandon Roy Retiring At 27 With Bad Knees

Yo what the fuck is in the water up there in Portland?? Greg Oden Mr. Glass is like 99 years old, Brandon Roy apparently can't walk anymore and needs to retire and he's like 19 years old. Seriously who gives a shit about this but Joel Przybilla is someone the Blazers have tried very hard to get back over the last week and there's this tweet about him: "Blazers showing serious interest in Przybilla, but early indications are he is leaning toward retirement. Loves being a dad." Like when a free agent tells you he'd rather be a dad than play in the NBA that's like a girl saying "Ahhhhh I can't tonight, or tomorrow - or pretty much this month it's just a busy time for me". I mean I've never heard that but people have told me that happens and shit I guess. But seriously how much can your franchise suck since you drafted Sam Bowie instead of Michael Jordan? Like him beating you in the Finals like 9 times and watching his career play out to winning a billion championships wasn't bad enough - but 10 years since he's played and your team is still ravaged with awful luck? That fucking SUCKS. I can't believe the Sonics had to move from Seattle and Portland still has the Trailblazers. This franchise is an absolute JOKE. How does the city of Portland support a professional franchise?! Fuck this, pack up their shit and move them to Las Vegas, boom problem solved.

PS - Seriously this sucks for Roy, he seems like a good guy and he was a great player, just awful luck for him. Over/under 1 week until Oden announces the same thing. "Ohhhh shit, degenerative knees is a thing? Yeah I got that."

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