Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 13 Picks by Johny Galt

My two road favorites were my two hits last week.  I am going with another road favorite this week. Explanations are going to be short, because I am in the depths of a mighty hangover.  Shakespeare could write a poem about this hangover.  Or maybe Homer.  Make it a trilogy: the Iliad, the Oddessy, the Hangover.  I digress.

@Houston + 3 vs Atlanta

If I were to do some research, which I am not going to do, I would guess that Houston might be my most oft picked team.  I think the value Matt Schaub added is overblown.  Arian Foster and Andre Johnson are the play makers on this first place team, and they are both healthy now.  I have also long believed Atlanta to be overrated in general.  If this game was in Atlanta I might not have taken it, but you don't mess with Texas.

@Arizona +4.5 vs Dallas

Unless it's the Cowboys on the road against Arizona.  Then you definitely mess with Texas.  The DeMarco Murray effect is starting to wane.  It took a few weeks, but it seems like teams have now adjusted to the new look Cowboy offense.  Arizona has been playing teams tough all season.  Dallas knows the Giants are in store to get clobbered by the Pack, I can see them not being fully up for this game. (On a side note, I considered picking the Giants this week, because I think they are going to win.  In the end, I'm too afraid that being a Giants fan clouds my judgment, so I stayed away)  

NY Jets -3 @Washington

Has it really come to this?  The Jets were supposed to be super bowl contenders, Washington is supposed to be basically a decent DII college football program. All the Jets can get is 3 points here?  Odds makers have really turned on the Jets.  They still warrant a bigger spread than this. 

Record 14-9-1

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