Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Hebrew Hammer Caught Juicing

ESPN - Earlier that spring, after Alex Rodriguez was exposed for using steroids, Braun spoke to about the "mistakes" made by the superstar. Braun said he met Rodriguez in 2001 during a recruiting trip to the University of Miami. Asked if he were surprised that Rodriguez had been exposed as a steroid user, Braun was quoted saying, "I don't know if I would say I was surprised. I feel like it was so rampant, so prevalent, in baseball during that time period that not much surprises me anymore. If anything, I was surprised he got caught, that it came out this long after he supposedly did it." On whether he had ever been tempted to try performance-enhancing drugs, Braun said, "It's never something that I sought." wrote that Braun then showed "a flash of his sense of humor and his well-documented self-confidence" by adding, "I would never do it because if I took steroids, I would hit 60 or 70 home runs." Braun was speaking to the website prior to the news conference at which Rodriguez admitted his use. "... The best thing he can do is come out, admit to everything and be completely honest," Braun said. "The situation will die a lot faster if he tells the whole truth." Since breaking into the majors in 2007 at 23, Braun has emerged as one of the sport's top young players. He won the NL Rookie of the Year in 2007 and was an All-Star each of the past four seasons. In his rookie season, Braun hit 34 homers and drove in 97 runs, while amassing a .634 slugging percentage in just 113 games. He had 37 home runs and 106 RBI the following year, then saw his power numbers decline modestly over the next two seasons. He still hit 25 home run runs and had a .501 slugging percentage in 2010. In April, Braun signed a five-year contract extension worth $105 million. He then went out and had his best season ever, carrying the Brewers to their first division title in nearly three decades. He led the league in slugging percentage at .597, with a .332 batting average, 33 home runs, 111 runs batted in, 109 runs scored and 33 stolen bases.

Well here's a surprise. Look everyone in the Major Leagues is juicing, who cares? Best thing Braun can do here is admit he did it. Listen to your own condescending high horse advice and tell the truth. Guy has been denying it since he was caught, just a bad strategy if you ask me. I happened to play against Braun in college, and if there was someone juicing in college - I mean c'mon. I actually thought the entire Miami roster was on the sauce, but looking back we were just THAT bad. But the balls he would hit, AS A FRESHMAN, were fucking LAZERS. Our third baseman basically played a shallow left field for the entire series. He actually homered to left center in one instance, they bat around to get to him again, and he hits a fucking moonshot to left that goes foul by maybe half a foot. Dude almost went yack twice in one inning on us. He was a monster, and he wasn't done with his first season of college ball. I could say that he effectively ruined any hope I had of continuing my baseball career, witnessing someone that far advanced. It didn't make me want to work harder, it actually depressed me enough to know I couldn't get to that level. So basically him doing steroids crushed my hopes and dreams, maybe I can sue him for psychologically ruining my future? I mean he still gets paid that $105M extension, so why not right?

So much for that 60 to 70 home runs though, geez. Way to totally overshoot your projections Yahoo, maybe tone it down and this wouldn't look so bad. You hit 33 on the sauce. Shit so if he doesn't juice what does he have in him, 16? 17 HR's? Seriously how do you say all that shit and at the same time you're pulling a syringe our of your ass? What kind of balls does that take? Just completely judging another major leaguer and making him out to be an asshole yet you're doing the same shit yourself? Not a good look bro.

PS - When are they just going to legalize steroids? Honestly. Fuck it, all drugs. Look I'm not a druggy, I don't like them, just not my bag rather just stick to getting drunk and forgetting the dumb shit I did the night before, but this whole hiding it thing is tired. Just legalize it and less people would do the shit, it's the whole rebel thing. That's the only reason people do it, because they're not supposed to. "Oh wahhh daddy hates me, I'm gonna go blow lines until he buys me my BMW for my sweet 16 to show me he cares WAHHHH!!"

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