Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twiglight Zone: Tim McGarver Is Being Recognized By The Baseball Hall Of Fame For Broadcast Excellence

Have you ever heard anything so out of this world? Anyone who's watched baseball at some point in their lives have had to put up with this fucking idiot on a broadcast - I've literally muted the TV and put on the radio to listen to Suzyn Waldman before, that should put into perspective what I'm talking about. My biggest gripe with McCarver is that he talks to talk. I know people who have issues with Joe Buck, I don't. He shuts up when nothing needs to be said, he's quick, says what he needs to, then stops. McCarver on the other hand loves to just vomit shit right into the microphone almost like he's guaranteed not to face any repercussion of any kind. He constantly gives the wrong information, wrong quotes, and pronounces names and even teams incorrectly. My biggest issue is the pitch "guessing". Unlike umpires and players that see the pitch in real time and still can accurately tell you what was thrown, McCarver has the benefit of "SUPER SLO-MO REPLAY" and countless angles, but will STILL tell the viewing audience that the 12-6 78-mph curveball was a two-seam fastball. And he won't stop. He's one of those people who, if he's caught lying, will lie even more to get out of the other lie. He'll either be told he's wrong or realize it, but will just carry on about the same pitch like he was 100% correct when the replays are looping the same curveball dropping into the dirt 8 times in a row while he compliments Sabathia on his great two-seam movement. This guy being recognized by the Hall of Fame makes me feel how Rudy's brothers felt when he made the Notre Dame Football team: "If you are a part of that team, then my opinion of The Hall of Fame just hit the shits."

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