Friday, December 2, 2011

Ever See A Little Asian Dude Shit His Pants?

(Skip to 26 sec mark)

TONY BATISTA'S STILL GOT IT! If anyone wanted ever doubted the United States still owned the earth and thought maybe Japan had caught up and taken over can remove all doubt right now. I can't think of anything more respectful than someone doing a 180 and sprinting the other way when you charge at them. That was such a fucking boss move I can't even stand it, my jaw dropped to the floor. Not so much even the guy running away, but the fact Batista was able to keep a stone cold straight face the entire time. The jog to first, and while he was standing there with everyone laughing including the pitcher, both benches, the guys teammates in the field, the fucking announcers. Everyone was just speechless. If I'm the Yankees I'm signing Tony Batista immediately. Can't teach that kind of presence on the field.

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