Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Cannot WAIT To Get To Indy

Ummmm Peyton who?! 100% understand the Luck jersey, probably a million of those floating around by now... But an Eli Manning Colts jersey?! I mean that's music to my fucking eyeballs. Talk about a home game for the Giants. I cannot wait to get my ass into Indy on Saturday and be flooded with Colts/Giants fans. Just couldn't ask for a better scenario for the Giants. All Colts fans obviously hate the Patriots, and hate Tom Brady.... but they all fucking LOVE Peyton Manning, except this guy who really wants Andrew Luck to play QB - talk about completely abandoning ship on the one guy who literally made your franchise what it is right now, what a jerk right???? But anyway, so if they love Peyton they have to have a soft spot in their heart for his little brother who's about to pass him in ring collection rankings. OOOOHHH BOY this weekend is going to be so fucking outstanding I can't even stand it! If we got Colts fans making personalized Eli jersey's, we've got a serious homefield advantage - but technically it's still a road game in the postseason so the Giants should be golden.

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