Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week's 2 and 3 and Season Update

Week 2

Week 3

Obviously Week 1 was an utter disaster for me. Probably the most unpredictable week of the season, but no one should go 0-5 out of the gate. Well here is where we see what kind of mental make-up I've got, how can I dig myself out of this hole? I went into Week 2 looking to chip away, came out of it with 2 wins, took an L in the Wild Card but so did the rest of the group. Week 3 I chip away some more, with 2 more wins I'm looking good and I also hit on my Wild Card game to give me some points. So after two weeks here are the standings:

Regular Picks:

    Mike - 6-2-1
Craig - 5-4
Ricky - 4-5
Jimmy - 4-5

Wild Card:

 Mike - 1-2
Ricky - 1-2
Craig - 0-3
Jimmy - 0-3

Overall Points Standings
(Regular Pick 1pt, WC 2pts)

   Mike -      8 (7-4-1)
Ricky -     6 (5-7)
Craig -      5 (5-7)
Jimmy -     4 (4-8)

Mike is looking solid so far this season, but we all need to step our games up. Not too hot to start off, but we're about to hit our stride.. Week 4 picks will be posted up sometime after noon..

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