Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week 5 Recap and Season Update

Rough week. Just so many great spreads and so many disappointing finishes. It was that ONE week of the season, like the Jaguars beating the Ravens last year on MNF type of week. Blaine Gabbert in his rookie season, beating Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.... That kind of weekend. So I'm glad it happened early and it's out of the way.. Now here's the carnage, I went 1-2 with my picks. I had ATL all week, hyping them to death in our email chain and even betting heavily on them, but didn't put them in my picks? I don't know where my head was on that one... Got caught up in the Giants usually sucking at home as heavy favorites which they only proved was the case when they were down 14-0 before I could scratch my balls and open a beer for the game. They rebounded though and ended up blowing out the Browns so that pick was a waste.

Bears -4.5 over Jags (W)
Steelers -3 over Eagles (L, won by 2 so gay)
Browns +10 over Giants (L)

WC Pick: Broncos over Pats (L)

Standings Update:

Mike - 12 (11-8-1)
Craig - 10 (9-11)
Ricky - 10 (8-12)
Jimmy - 9 (8-12)

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