Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week 6 Action

I think the only thing to do after an epic losing weekend, is to get right back on the horse and go back after it. This is after a full 36 hours of being able to clear my head and make more rational decisions. I'm going to stay small this week and grind out a decent weekend...

Week 1: +50
Week 2: -1 (+49)
Week 3: +199 (+248)
Week 4: +140 (+388)
Week 5: -530 (-142)

Last week wouldn't have been as bad if I didn't make a monster addition to a decent bet I already had on the Texans, but like any knee-jerk reaction to a losing Sunday, the add on Monday didn't work out. So after a real nice couple of weeks I'm back to the start, time to grind it back out and get myself into the green.

College Football


(L) Michigan State PK (vs Iowa), Florida +1.5 (at Vanderbilt), Kansas State +3.5 (at Iowa State)    30 to win 25
(W) Notre Dame PK (vs Stanford), Washington +21 (vs USC)    33 to win 25


(W) Florida -9 (at Vanderbilt), Notre Dame -7 (vs Stanford), Boise State -7 (vs Fresno State)   25 to win 145
ND pushed - total win = 65



(L) Indianapolis +160 (at NYJ)    25 to win 40


(W) Baltimore +3.5 (vs Dallas), Green Bay +10.5 (at Houston)    33 to win 25
(L) Pittsburgh +1.5 (at Tennessee), Atlanta -2 (vs Raiders)        33 to win 25
(W) Pittsburgh +4.5 (at Tennessee), Baltimore +6.5 (vs Dallas), New England +6.5 (at Seattle)     60 to win 50
(L) Kansas City +13.5 (at Tampa Bay), Atlanta +1 (vs Raiders), Buffalo +14.5 (at Arizona)         30 to win 25
(L) Buffalo +14.5 (at Arizona), Minnesota +8.5 (at Washington), NY Giants +17 (at San Francisco)      120 to win 100

Thanks Ponder. Nice throw.


(L) Baltimore -3 (vs Dallas), Buffalo +4.5 (at Arizona)    25 to win 59

Are you kidding me Baltimore? Won by 2?

Season Record
NFL: 10-10 (+28)
CFB: 0-2 (-170)

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