Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week 4 Recap

I knew as soon as I wrote the sentence "If the world makes any sense" when talking about the Falcons game, I was fucked. Obviously they weren't gonna cover after I wrote that. Luckily in real life I teased them down to -1 and was okay.

The Giants game really f'ed me because I wrote this before news of Nicks being doubtful hit the internet. The line moved up to +2, which would've given me a push there.

I did hit on the WC pick, so in the standings that keeps me up near the top in points.

This week there are already a ton of enticing games I plan on going in on, and I can't hardly wait for Sunday to roll around. Been a couple shitty Thursday night games the last couple weeks and this week is no exception, so that whole Thursday night game breaking up the week thing kind of sucks lately. Oh well. Even though it sucks, it does still break up the week at least.

Pushing my picks back until Friday or Saturday this week to wait for the injury news - give myself a fighting chance here! 4-0 this week let's go!!!

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