Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 7 Action

So last week wasn't a total failure, but it wasn't pretty. The NFL bets look absolutely atrocious at 2-5, but were extremely close to hitting outside of a couple freak plays that didn't let it happen. I can live with that, it's not like they were blowouts (outside of the Indy game).

I was dead on with the Bills all day, and the Ravens as well. Then the Ravens blew their lead and my parlay by winning by 2 instead of 3. That's actually Dez Bryant's fault, he dropped a would-be 2 point conversion to tie the game and send it to OT where Baltimore easily could've won by 3 or more and gotten me points. Instead they win by 2 points and I lose my parlay with Buffalo.

Notre Dame cost me a big payout by pushing ATS when they beat Stanford by 7 points. I'm grateful they pushed instead of lost obviously, but that push instead of a W there cost me $80 off the payout.

My most confident play was the teaser that included the Giants, Bills and Vikings. The Vikings failed to show up and then collapsed late in the game when Washington and RGIII opened up a big lead. I needed them to cover 8.5 points and they got it to within 12. With 30 seconds left, they were knocking on the goal line and Christian Ponder threw a blind rainbow into the end-zone where there were absolutely zero Vikings and it was picked off. A garbage time touchdown there wins me $100. Instead it cost me $120. That was the one play that absolutely buried me this past weekend. Live to fight another day.... On we go..

Week 1: +50
Week 2: -1 (+49)
Week 3: +199 (+248)
Week 4: +140 (+388)
Week 5: -530 (-142)
Week 6: -99 (-241)

College Football

  • Clemson +2 (vs Virginia Tech), TCU +12 (vs Texas Tech), Florida +6 (vs South Carolina)     30 to win 25  (W)
  • BYU +23 (at Notre Dame), Ohio State -9 (vs Purdue), Louisville +4.5 (vs South Florida)     30 to win 25   (L)


  • Seattle +270    25 to win 68   (L)

  • Seattle +7 (at SF), Dallas -1.5 (at Carolina), New Orleans -2.5 (at Tampa Bay)   25 to win 146 63  (W)
(SEA pushed, becomes 2-team parlay)

  • Seattle +17, Dallas +8.5, New Orleans +7    60 to win 50   (W)
  • Seattle at San Francisco - Under 37.5    28 to win 25   (W)


Here are a couple off the wall plays I went half on with TSB Co-Cap TPW Mike - here they are:

  • Cleveland +2, Dallas -2.5, Detroit +6.5, Baltimore +6.5Seattle +8, Seattle/SF U 37.5     2.50 to win 187.50    (L)
  • Dallas -2.5, Detroit +6.5, Baltimore +6.5, New Orleans -2, Seattle +8    20 to win 500  (L)
  • Detroit +16.5, Baltimore +16.5, Seattle +18         40 to win 33.33 (L)

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