Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ALDS Game 3 Recap

Well that sucked. You can't ask for much more than 4 runs and 6 hits off Verlander, that in itself is just being greedy. CC was just flat out not getting the corners, had to pitch to contact and eventually that got him in trouble. He threw a shit load of pitches by going deep into counts and couldn't get past the 6th. I honestly think Game 3 was the most important game of the series, literally changes everything - CC just didn't have it on a night he really needed it. Few calls here and there and it's an entirely different game, but can't make excuses - just needed to be better. Mr. Why Haven't We Handed Him The Cy Young Yet Verlander got into a groove, fanned something like 13 out of 10 guys and the stadium was going fucking crazy. Struck out the side on like 4 pitches at one point. I'll admit I'm not a fan of Posada but the dude put together a MONSTER at-bat down 0-2 to Verlander in the 7th, laying off absolutely filthy curveballs close to the zone and eventually worked a walk. Russel Martin immediately wore a 100mph ched ball off his ribs like an absolute champ, seriously don't know how he's not dead right now. Then Brett Fucking Gardner came through with a huge two-strike two run double to tie it up. Guy is an absolute gamer. Game tied, fuckin' awesome right? Oh wait....

Leave it up to Soriano to give up the lead the next inning on one pitch to Delmon Young. Sidenote: John Smoltz called the shit out of that, too. "Be careful here with this first pitch"....... Silence..... The pitch..... Gone. Usually I can't stand listening to broadcasters, but Smoltzy was on his fucking game last night. After that, giving Verlander another chance with a lead that late, it was pretty much over. But anytime Fat Boy comes in to close it out, there's a chance - and there was. Had The Captain up with a chance to tie the game, but Valverde K'ed his ass for the second night in a row to end the game. Honestly, he struck out the pitch before that when he got absolutely froze on that split that landed right on the corner. Whatever, I guess it's better to look like you're 37 years old by swinging at a fastball that passed you 5 minutes ago.

I think it's clear - this team is OLD as shit. A-Rod is literally an automatic out, Tex thinks it's April and it's okay to hit .100, Cano had his 6 RBI's so he's done with this series.... Outside of Granderson and Gardner it's tough to see anyone in this lineup that's ready to play right now. I think 4 games in a row with no travel day is tougher on this team than any others. The left side of the infield is a combined 243 years old and they're definitely showing it. The entire season now rests on AJ Burnett..... Let that sink in.... Ummm his only start in Detroit this year he actually looked pretty good....? Fuck....

PS- Worst thing about Soriano giving up the HR is the fact you know he couldn't possibly care any less - fucking hate that.

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