Monday, October 24, 2011

We're All Ravens Fans Tonight

Vegas just saw this and the line on this game went from Ravens -10 to Ravens -1,000. If the Jaguars win this game this will be the biggest upset in sports history. Wouldn't be shocked if Blaine Gabbert refuses to go out on the field and you know what? I wouldn't blame him. If I had more money I would bet it all on the Ravens right now, Ray Lewis just made me feel so comfortable about my bet on them tonight. And makes me feel real good about his influential speech influencing Ray Rice to have a monster game. I need just 12 points out of him to win my fantasy week, and now I'm pretty much guaranteed victory at this point right? Might as well not even watch this game and do something more productive with my time right? Nah fuck that, I just had a root canal (which I don't know what the big deal is) so I'm just going to eat some fresh mooz and drink some beers while I watch the last form of legalized rape while Ray Lewis humps Blaine Gabbert to death up and down the field. Let's fucking go RAVENS!!!! Plus if you don't root for the Ravens I'm pretty sure Ray Lewis will murder your ass.

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