Monday, October 17, 2011

Giants In First Place? I'll Take It

Who wears a wedding ring during an NFL game? People who wear wedding rings during competitive sports and who went to Harvard should stick to building computers and starting billion dollar businesses and shit, leave the quarterbacking to people who wear Uggs and/or kill dogs - you don't belong on the field.

That said, Giants with a big win yesterday. I didn't think they had it in them, no Tuck, no Hammerin' Hank, no Snee, no Jacobs, no defensive back 7. The defense has been struggling and did more of it to start the game - Freddy Jackson went pretty much untouched for 80 yards, Deon Grant looked phenomenal trying to make a play on him. Then some guy no one has ever heard of goes 60 yards untouched as Corey Webster honestly looked like he was scared to try any sort of defensive move to stop or slow him down.... It started real ugly. Then Eli pretty much took over, did a great job getting the Giants down the field using Nicks and big boy Ballard. Once they got down to the goal line Bradshaw started power spiking all over the joint and once he starts doing that shit the Giants pretty much never lose. He didn't look good early but once the patchwork offensive line grinded down the Bills front, Bradshaw started getting some holes and finally went over 100 yards this season. Dude had a huge day with the 3 TD's. Manningham was robbed of one TD and couldn't hold on to a second which completely fucked my fantasy team. Oh and my friend had Bradshaw, so double dick kick. Regardless the offense finally looked good, and that's without a Pro Bowl lineman and Jacobs in the backfield...

As for the defense, same story - looked awful early on but finally started getting pressure and slowed the Bills down. Corey Webster looked like shit all day, but made two absolutely huge INT's and one pretty much locked up the W. Picked Fitz off at the Giants 4 to give the ball back to the offense with a chance to win the game. Mathias Kiwanuka looks scary as shit coming off the edge, he almost had Fitzpatrick's wife widowed up on the sack/fumble he had in the second. The Freak Jr. JPP and his 10 foot long arms continues to groom himself into the best defensive end in the NFL with another sack to give him officially 7.5 on the year even though it seems more like 19. Osi right behind him with 5 even after basically missing an entire month and being a huge pussy all off season but to his credit, guy is coming to play. Tuck is going to take the tampon out after the bye week and for the first time in a while the defensive front will be at 100%.

After the bye the Giants will get much healthier - Tuck, Snee, Jacobs all expected to be back - Our first rounder, Prince Amukarmasamdemabol on the horizon to finally get a play maker in the secondary to help out and maybe make a tackle or something. But going forward the second half of the season looks like an absolute joke. Goes right in line with the last couple years of huge first halves and second half disasters: The Giants get the Dolphins at home and then go @New England, @SF, Philly, @NO, GB, @Dallas, WASH, @Jets, Dallas. Is that a joke? If the Giants can get this win against Miami to move to 5-2, they'll have a shot to finish 5-11 which would be pretty good. Going to enjoy this win and hopefully one more before the toughest second half schedule ever assembled in the history of the game, but at least the Jets are in there so we got a shot at 6!

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