Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Giants Sign Two Pro-Bowlers, A Top 20 RB, A FB and 1st Round CB - Oh Wait No That's Just All Our Players Coming Back From Injury At The Same Time

NY Post - The Giants had several marquee players missing time before the bye and nearly all of them participated in some aspect of practice. That bodes well for the Giants, who look to be at or near full strength for Sunday’s game against the winless Dolphins (0-6), the last game against an also-ran before a hellacious five-game stretch. “Everybody’s back,’’ safety Deon Grant said. “We’re just going to keep building and realize we got a lot of key guys back and just build off that. Let’s take care of Miami.’’ Taking care of the anemic Dolphins might not require a full complement of players, but if the Giants are to hold on to first place in the NFC East they figure to be greatly aided by bolstering their roster with the reinforcements ready to swoop in.

So the Giants are 4-2 using the Washington Sentinels roster on pretty much both sides of the ball. As if the lockout and preseason injuries weren't enough - basically every important piece of the team has been dealing with injuries. They go into the Post-Lockout bye week with the mandated "4 straight days off" rule, which sounds like shit, but nothing could've helped the Giants more than that. Tuck able to heal up, Snee becomes unconcussed, Hank the Tank is at full strength, Jacobs knee unswelled and the first round Prince is practicing pain free.

But after the Ravens had an automatic win last night turn into one of the biggest upsets of all-time, I'm nervous as shit about this game on Sunday. Dolphins with nothing to lose except their 50th game in a row, and the Giants with a lot to gain being able to distance themselves in the NFC East with a win right before they get into the most retarded second half schedule ever created. They need to win these games. They know it, the Dolphins know it. Pressure will definitely be on them all day to take care of business. It's one of those games as a Giants fan that you just never want to see - Coming off of a bye week trying to get up for an 0-6 team with games against NE, SF and Philly coming up. Hard to think the Giants aren't looking ahead to the huge games on the horizon, so this Dolphins game scares me.

But if we knew in the beginning of the year all of these guys would be on IR and Jacobs and Tuck would miss multiple games and our 1st rounder would be out until November... 4-2 would sound like an absolute fantasy. Fact is this team has heart, leadership and tons of character. Minus Antrel Rolle mouthing off like an asshole at times, this team is run like a team is supposed to be run - players keeping their locker room situations in the locker room - not calling out teammates for sucking and thinking you're being a leader. The Giants handled this shit better than any other team could have, now they've got their big boys coming back healthy for the holy shit part of the schedule. Couldn't be a better time to get to full strength, should be scary to watch Osi, Tuck and JPP on the line at the same time - Matt Moore has a good chance of getting killed this Sunday, awesome because I always wanted to see a murder in person. MetLife Stadium be there when the gates open to tailgate like a motherfucker! G-Men first place baby let's go!

PS - Any Giants fans wondering about Ramses Barden and if he's still alive, he actually somehow practiced yesterday and so far it looks like he didn't get hurt doing it. If I'm him I'm going and buying a lottery ticket immediately.

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