Monday, October 17, 2011

iPhone Siri vs. Japanese Guy - Who Ya Got?

Yo Shin Sue give it up, it can't understand you! Can't help but love the persistence of this little Japanese fucker - just won't quit. After about the 8th try even he started laughing at how terrible his R pronunciation is. I guess I kind of get it though because when I try speaking Spanish I can't roll my R's for shit. I sound like my tongue is swollen up like I'm allergic to speaking the language. But that's just a defect, lot of English speaking people can roll R's that just happens not to be in my arsenal - but out of the billions of Asian people out there, each and every one of them is missing the R sound in their DNA, it's like someone fucked up the instructions on making these people and forgot a letter. I mean R is an important letter, them not having that capability just makes them an easy target over here on the mainland, just immediate disadvantage. I mean they already can't drive for shit, this is just mean not being able to use the letter R at all. They probably just chose to be good at calculus because it has no R in it. Sneaky move, maybe we take the R out of driving and they can finally learn how to do that too.

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