Monday, October 31, 2011

Is This What Eli Meant When He Told Everyone He Was Good?

Giants must've missed that memo about being 3-4 after Week 8. Oh well. Nothing they can do when Eli plays like the best QB in the NFL when it matters the most. Must be why he outplayed Tom Brady in that Super Bowl, coming back for the win in the 4th quarter and everyone was shocked - I'll tell you what, Eli wasn't shocked. That mouth breathing dummy knew exactly what was gonna happen, just play like you're half retarded for 3 quarters, bait everyone in then play like a #1 overall pick with the game on the line and just keep racking up wins. All of a sudden this second half schedule isn't as tough as we once thought. If we dumb this down here and think about all the teams the Giants beat that these teams couldn't handle. Patriots couldn't beat the Bills, Saints couldn't beat the Rams, Cowboys can't beat the Eagles - These are all teams the Giants handled on their way to first place, don't see what's so hard about it. Giants went up to Foxboro in the preseason and beat these idiots so it's not really all that tough to win there, right?

All seriousness, Giants need to run the fucking football. Jacobs needs to stop bitching and complaining and man the fuck up like a 6'4" 270lb. man would do. If the Giants can't run and can't stop the run, this will get ugly quickly. Those are two things the Giants are normally pretty good at, but they can't put it together right now. Reggie Bush just looked like he was good or something, breaking arm tackles just running all over the field. Luckily the Dophins aren't smart and kept letting Matt Moore drop back so the Giants All-World defensive line could tee off on him. Not going to get that lucky with the teams on the horizon, unfortunately they're smarter and have wins in the win column. If they put together the basics and start getting physical along the offensive line, they have a shot to come out of this stretch with a couple big wins. Eli really is playing at a much higher level, backing up a lot of the things he was saying early on. They've been playing mistake free the majority of the season and it's been the biggest reason they're 5-2 and also the reason they're not 7-0 when two very winnable games were lost because of stupid and yet avoidable mistakes.

So with this absolute meat grinder of a schedule coming up, I'm feeling surprisingly more confident about this team knowing that Peyton Eli Manning is behind center playing like a motherfuckin' beast in the 4th quarter.

Backwards Stat of the Year: Giants are 4-0 when allowing an opposing back to run for over 100 yards.

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