Thursday, November 3, 2011

These TUMS Commercials Are Pretty Much Balls To The Wall Gay Right?

I'm not some sort of Homo hate monger now - these are definitely really gay right? Like "Hey Mike Waltrip thanks for making it down, look here's the scenario you're going to be holding a wielding cock shaped object and you're going to try and put it into your mouth but it's just going to degrade you and slap you all over the face, alright ACTION!" Like how bad is Waltrip's career that he had to revert to trying to insert uncooperative dick shaped objects into his mouth? That's kind of not even the funniest part, the "about time I'm really going to enjoy this" bite is hilarious. Like they're confirming they got it in their mouth while smiling and taking a bite at the same time it's so awkward, not like trying to get it in their mouth was awkward enough. Marketing 101 - well played TUMS.

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