Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Houston, You Have a Problem: Intellectually Challenged Fans

A little background: the Houston Astros are currently being sold to a new owner. As part of the deal, the new owners are asking for a $70 million discount on the purchase price because the team will be moved to the American League West. Where they came up with this number is beyond me.

An informal Houston Chronicle online poll last month showed 76 percent of the respondents opposing a league change, with 35 percent vowing to sever their allegiance if the Astros were to join the AL.

A formal offline poll that I just conducted confirmed that 76 percent of Houston residents are fucking idiots, while 35% are officially retarded.

Ok, let me lay out the options here.  You can either be in a division with:

A)     Six teams where only one team is guaranteed to make the playoffs, or
B)      Five teams where only one team is guaranteed to make the playoffs

76% of Astros fans would prefer A, apparently.

Would you like to see your team in the playoffs 16.6% of the time or 20% of the time? Yea, I’m good with 16.6%, thanks for asking.  

God, I’m glad I live in Vegas.

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