Monday, November 28, 2011

Deer Hunting Goes Real Wrong

Maybe Brick Tamland was onto something? Because no way in hell that girl isn't menstruating like a boss, I know it, you know it, she knows it, the deer knows it. That deer smells what it smells and wants what it wants and you can't tell it any different. Zig zag all you want honey, but deers have that zig zag running through a field act down pat, shit is in their DNA, that's probably their oldest trick in the book. Smartest move they made was getting in the car because deer are notorious for having no clue what a car is. Usually just stand there and let cars plow into them like fucking idiots. Sure they might be dumb as a rock, but try and tell this deer you're not perioding all over the place and see what happens.

PS - What's the thing holding the camera? That a guy, a girl? All I know is it's fat, whatever it is. And probably smokes a lot. Seriously all I pictured was that Chaz Bono thing trying but failing to chase them down and also failing to breathe normally. And listen thing, I get it - there's a deer chasing your menstruating friend - no need to repeat it 500 times, Lord knows you could benefit to save your breath in this situation.

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