Wednesday, November 9, 2011

RIP Dwight Arrington Myers

Heard this news last night, was kind of shocked by it. Shocked actually that Heavy D was only 44, makes it a little tougher to hear he was so young. Anytime someone dies that young it sucks but he was one of the good guys and he left a solid legacy behind. Not to date myself or clichè it up, but growing up this was some of the first hip-hop I ever heard. It was back when I'd hide the radio under my blanket when I was supposed to be sleeping but was secretly sneaking in some of that illegal rap stuff. His stuff was an absolute staple at all our middle school dances. When all the guys stood on one side and all the girls stood on another his songs were blazing and sounded a lot clearer without all the bodies in the way so the sound could bounce uninterrupted off the gym walls. But this is sad news for sure, unfortunate he was never as big as Tupac or Biggie and won't be celebrated the way they were, but some of the younger thundercats will get to hear some of old school shit that brought hip-hop to where it is now. I'm sure the intention wasn't to let people like Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Crank Dat and Ying Yang Twins and these other fucking assholes ruin it but whatever.

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