Monday, November 28, 2011

Percy Harvin Is Unlucky Beacuse He's Slow

Yahoo - Q: How does a football player run for 104 yards but still not get a touchdown?

A: Like this.

Percy Harvin returned a kickoff 104 yards, but his well-known speed was not enough to get him in the end zone. To make it worse, the Vikings could not capitalize on that near perfect field position. Christian Ponder was sacked, and then Harvin and Toby Gerhart could not get in the end zone. The Vikings turned the ball over on downs, showing in a single drive just why Minnesota is 2-9.

The headline for this was "Player's Unlucky 104-yard return". Maybe it's not unlucky? Maybe it's just a pure hustle play by Chris Owens? Maybe you don't know who Chris Owens is since Yahoo failed to mention him at all in their article. Not even an article about the game, but the article was solely about this one play and they didn't even mention the guy. All he did was bust his ass to chase down the guy with "well-known speed" and probably the fastest guy on the Vikings to stop him from scoring. Not only was it a great play even if the Vikings eventually scored, but they didn't. So all in all this ended up being what basically could be described as a game-winning tackle. Who cares though, it's really all about Percy Harvin being unlucky. Maybe he got a headache around the 10-yard line.

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