Monday, November 28, 2011

Kim Kardashian Is Completely Delusional

I've pretty much stayed away from this entire Unreality TV Series that's been going on because it's so outside of real life it's a joke. I watched this episode last night because I decided to take a nap at 8pm and wake up at 9pm which was flat out not smart, so watching this was sure to put me to sleep but it didn't, and I'm glad I watched it because I didn't know what to make of this Kris Humphries character until now....

Now at first, I just figured the guy was in it for a couple paychecks and to get some recognition since no one knew he even played in the NBA. So with everything that was said about these two and the stupid 39 hour marriage - really just thought it was him jealous of Kim and her career and her being the big attraction and he couldn't handle it. Well after watching this, I couldn't be more on this guys side with basically everything going on here, and here's some reasons why:

Who on planet earth decides these things days after they get married?

Begin living together for the first time.

Forego a honeymoon so you can drag your husband to NYC to live WITH your sister and her screaming baby and her weirdo boyfriend(?) who don't even sleep in the same bed or same room together?

This dude just bought you a 20 karat diamond ring, and what's he get for it? He gets to live with your bitch sister and bipolar boyfriend who decide to use the hallway to your bedroom on the second floor as their kids playroom when they both live downstairs. Oh okay. Meanwhile, all he needs is to get to sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up to workout and practice. She then makes him get dressed and go to some attention whoreish made up party which she claims they're obligated to appear at which is exactly what someone should do when it's a WELCOME TO NY party which you 100,000% organized yourself - This dude wants nothing to do with it, asks repeatedly to go home to go to sleep because he needs to get up early to workout and she forces him to stay. It's horseshit.

Then after a shitty workout because he got 4 hours of sleep he comes home to find Jose Reyes butt ass naked with his dong hanging out doing yoga in his place. And instead of Kim getting up to go to the door she sits there laughing and giggling like a little slut while he's outside in pure shock that there's a naked dude doing yoga in his place. Granted, this isn't the best clip of the situation because he looks like a total jackass outside of the apartment laughing like an idiot, but he's in shock and I don't blame him. Then after the guy leaves she has the fucking nerve to yell upstairs and call HIM IMMATURE?! Sure maybe telling the guy he had a small dick when he answered your door naked was immature? I mean I guess I'd be real mature when a naked dude answered my door and not my wife. So she calls him out in front of her army of friends, the same ones who couldn't stop laughing and rolling on the floor at a naked guy like they were in fucking high school, is calling the unsuspecting husband who's wife allowed a naked guy in their house the immature one.... I mean I honestly wouldn't know what to do here besides ask for my 20 karat ring back and immediately walk out the door.

So after all the dust settles the guy does the MATURE thing in my opinion, he makes a solid decision to move back to Minnesota so he can focus on his training. I mean, I don't see any other option this guy could've made at this point. He has a fucking baby waking him up at 8am and the kid isn't even his?! There is no way on earth you can put up with that shit. He asked repeatedly to move or get into a better living situation and each time was told no. How in the fuck does this living situation exist? Every single one of these people are millionaires yet they can't get their own places?! It's pure crazytown. The fact Kim thinks this is somehow normal is beyond fucking words. She honestly expected this to turn out okay when this plan went into action? Let's move everyone into a hotel room together in the middle of NYC and include a screaming baby with camera crews all in your faces and things should iron themselves out.

This isn't even getting into how big of a bitch her sister is. Take the fucking leash off your boyfriend and maybe he wouldn't be such a psycho. I used to hate that guy but holy shit how can you blame him?! His baby mamma is certifiably insane. She gets oil injected into her asshole to relieve the stress of everyday life. WHAT FUCKING STRESS?! She runs a store that she's never at and makes billions of dollars because her sister made a fucking sex tape and literally sits around doing nothing all day but whining about her husband/boyfriend. All she does is give him fucking death stares and never has sex with him. I'm pretty sure if you told him you didn't like him he'd have NO problem leaving. It's like she fucking hates him but refuses to let him have a life, like she's some weirdo who wants nothing more than to tie him up in some sort of dungeon and just never let him out like she gets off on that type of shit or something.

Whatever, bottom line is that whole family is fucked up. But I guess that's just what happens when you sell your souls to TV cameras so you can live a fake life. It makes me so sick every time they complain about how hard their lives are, seriously - it's almost like they deserve to get kicked right in the teeth all the time.

PS - What about Kim going to punch Kris then flipping the fuck out about her toenail getting stepped on then telling him "it's because you're too rough" ummmmm you're the one who hurt yourself trying to throw a punch at HIM, is she nuts?

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