Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guy Surfs Billion Foot Wave

I'm probably the last human to give respect to any person who participates in any sport outside of basketball, football and baseball - maybe hockey - but I'll give this guy some props first off on being a fucking nutjob and secondly for somehow not dying. I'm pretty terrified of the ocean, I kind of want to go on a cruise one day but don't want to end up like Jack in Titanic even if I do get to paint some huge tits before I die but drowning has to be up there with one of the worst ways to die. I need my shit to be instant, like getting a train rammed up my asshole - that's got to be instantaneous death. Probably wouldn't feel a thing. Explosions? Sign me up. Rocket right through the face? Good with that. But drowning and burning to death are fighting for last place on my ways to die list. They're like the Dolphins and Colts right now. Either way Bodhi fuckin' killed that wave, but shit like catching it on camera from 7 angles in perfect HD and embarrassing the shit out of that wave scares me to death because next time you see this guys name in the news, it's going to be the ocean that wins.

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