Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 12 Picks by Johny Galt

A 3-0 week for me.  I'm heating up.  Now that I've jinxed myself let's see if I can keep it going:

Carolina -3.5 @ Indy

Last week I picked against Carolina, saying the days of them beating good teams was fading.  Well, the days of them beating bad teams are still with us.  They have too many weapons for the hapless Colts to try and keep pace with.

@ Cincinatti -7 vs Cleveland

Cinci has had two tough losses, but I thought they played respectably in both.  Jerome Simpson is quietly becoming a top receiver.  And personally, I think Andy Dalton has a cannon.  Unlike Colt McCoy, whose arm would be most accurately described as a nerf bow and arrow.  I don't normally like teams with weak RBs, but Cincinatti has faced both Baltimore's and Pitt's tough defenses.  They are due for a blue out.

Houston -3.5 @ Jax

Picking two road favorites, Mspici's head is going to explode.  Am I the only person who thinks this should be a blow out?  Yea, Schaub is out.  But honestly, how much of Schaub's passing stats come from him and how much comes from Arian Foster breaking off 80 yard runs on screen passes?  The return of AJ, to me, more than makes up for the downgrade from Schaub to Leinart.  Houston's defense has been solid.  Jax offense is woeful.  This will be a two TD game at least. 

Record: 12-8-1

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