Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who The Fuck Says "Ain't" Anymore?

Answer: The cast of Jersey Shore and terrible screenwriters, apparently.

I couldn't be less excited to see this movie based solely on this awful movie poster:

Really, writers of Jack and Jill (which by the way is one of the least creative movie names I've ever heard)? The best you could do to entice me to come watch this shit film is to tell me Adam Sandler dressed as a woman "ain't pretty"? Pauly D could have written a better one-liner.

The screenwriters responsible for this marketing travesty should go back on strike. Permanently.

And while we're at it, how much longer are we, the apparent assholes willing to drop $13 to not laugh at Sandler's movies, going to keep putting up with this before we just stop going? I hope this is the last one he makes because it's been nine years since his last half-decent movie, Mr. Deeds.

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