Friday, October 7, 2011

Hey Joe Namath, Shut the Fuck Up!

Is there anything more annoying than a retired dude talking shit about his ex-team?

Yes, dudes who retired almost 35(!) years ago talking shit about their ex-teams.

Jets fans will always have a sot spot in their hearts for Broadway Joe because he led the underdogs to a Super Bowl III title. Few fans realize he wasn't actually that great of a quarterback.

Look at his career numbers:

Record: 62-63-4

Playoff Wins: 2 (a number Mark Sanchez surpassed during his second season in the league)

Completion Percentage: 50.1% (I'm not suggesting fat boy was a better quarterback, but JaMarcus Russell - arguably the worst quarterback ever to play in the NFL - had a career completion percentage of 52.1%. Namath only completed a higher percentage of his passes in two out of his 13 seasons. Again, just a frame of reference.)

Passing Touchdowns: 173

Interceptions: 220

Rushing Yards: 140

Fumbles Lost: 33

Now, Namath is spouting some bullshit about the 2011 Jets not being up to snuff. After the Week 3 loss, he ripped Rex Ryan and his coaching style:

Then after the Week 4 loss, he criticized Santonio Holmes and the Jets front office:

Finally (I hope) today, he ripped the team again:

What is the end game here, Joe? You are burning the only bridge you have: Jets fans who have never seen another Super Bowl don't want to hear their team sucks.

The only relevant thing this asshole has done in the last 30+ years is embarrass himself on national television trying unsuccessfully to make out with Suzy Kolber:

No one wants to hear a semi-delusional old man's opinion about the Jets. If we did, we would turn on Mike Francesa on WFAN. Please go back to boozing, and we'll wake you when we need a good laugh.

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