Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BREAKING: Amy Winehouse Died From Drinking Too Much

LONDON (AP)Amy Winehouse drank herself to death. Doctors say acute alcohol poisoning is usually the result of binge drinking — the human body can only process about one unit of alcohol, or about half a glass of wine, an hour. Having too much alcohol in the body can cause severe dehydration, hypothermia, seizures, breathing problems, and a heart attack, among other difficulties. There is no minimum dose for acute alcohol poisoning and the condition varies depending on a person's age, sex, weight, how fast the alcohol is drunk and other factors such as drug use. Police Detective Inspector Les Newman, who was called after a security guard found Winehouse, said three empty vodka bottles — two large and one small — were found in her bedroom.

Stop traffic! Amy Winehouse drinks? When the fuck did this happen? If this crazy bitch can die from drinking too much then what the hell am I thinking drinking on the weekend? Amy Winehouse is what football fans would refer to as a workhorse. She's the one that shoulders the load, drinks your drinks if you can't handle shit - "Oh you still can't figure out how to take that nipple off your vodka on the rocks? GULP! Pussy..." She was the girl that outlasted every guy in the bar. You needed her to go on short rest? No questions asked she wanted that glass, she wanted to be on the bar for that important night - Never gave excuses and never talked about injuries or what was hurting after a few projectile vomits. Just got her shit together and went back out there, a pure grinder. So this is what fucking scares me, if she can't handle drinking or going hard at age 27 - what business do I have attempting to go hard at the Giants game on Sunday? Who do I think I am shotgunning a beer? Shit has me shook now, feel like I'm going to take a sip of a Coors Light and look like someone just pulled my plug in the Matrix, just lifeless to the ground out of nowhere. I'm closing in fast on 28 and according to Winehouse it looks like the clock runs out on this drinking thing pretty fucking quick.

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