Tuesday, August 23, 2011

12 Year Old Atlanta Girl Solves Crime And Thinks Her Shit Don't Stink... Until Wragge Has Enough

Hey Dick Tracy, know what this is called? Bein' a snitch. Not only are those two 17 year olds looking for you, but good luck on your first day of school when no one wants to be friends with you. Nice fake badge by the way. I hate people like this, she was so high up on her horse about cracking the case that she immediately called the cops to laugh at them and tell them "Ok, you can arrest them now". Yeah, okay sweetheart, thanks for your permission.

PS - Chris Wragge with one of the greatest interview cut-offs I've ever seen. Asking her a question then stopping her right before she gets to what she thinks is about to be the best part ever - wow just never seen a cut-off executed like that, unreal!

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