Thursday, August 11, 2011

Love This

This is where we separate the men from the boys, the bandwagon fans and the real fans. I love it because since the Giants were freak nasty winning the Super Bowl and dominating the league I couldn't walk down the block without meeting "die hard" Giants fans. Now they have a bad couple weeks in a post-lock out that has never been seen before, no precedent set for this, no blueprint, and every "fan" thinks they messed up. The Eagles did what they did, great good for them. Sorry the Giants didn't go out and shop free agency. That's not how championships are won (cough, cough, Heat) and I'd even call out the Yankees - buying players does not equate to winning. You win through developing players and the NFL Draft. The Giants of 2007, Super Bowl XLII - rounds one through seven -

Round 1 (Pick 20) - Aaron Ross
Round 2 (Pick 51) - Steve Smith
Round 3 (Pick 81) - Jay Alford
Round 4 (Pick 116) - Zak DeOssie
Round 5 (Pick 153) - Kevin Boss
Round 6 (Pick 189) - Adam Koets
Round 7 (Pick 224) - Michael Johnson
Round 7 (Pick 250) - Ahmad Bradshaw

Every single one of those players were used in the playoffs or Super Bowl, each one contributed and won the most impossible game of all-time. So before everyone starts crucifying Jerry Reese and Giants management for the moves, or lack thereof, maybe we'll wait until a game is played before crying about how bad of a team the Giants have. Or just stop saying you're a Giants fan because I don't need the negativity around me. Let's go G-Men! I'm a real fan. 16-0 or 0-16 I'll still be here. Boom, roasted.

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