Thursday, August 25, 2011

Standing Room Only At Marlins Game

Yahoo! - There was an unofficial headcount of 347 fans in the stands for the first pitch of Wednesday's doubleheader at Sun Life Stadium. Cohen counted five sections with three or fewer people in it and three completely empty sections. The Marlins haven't announced the official attendance, but it likely won't challenge the record of the smallest crowd in modern history (believed to be 653 during a Oakland Athletics game in 1979).

That's because the Marlins will count all of the tickets were sold, not just the number of fans that moved through the turnstiles. Back in 2007, someone counted 375 fans in the stands for the first pitch of an afternoon Marlins game in mid-September and the "official" attendance announced by the team was still 10,121.

The empty orange seats at Marlins games, of course, has been a conversation topic for years and the upper deck at Sun Life has been closed since the All-Star break. Still, I don't think anyone can blame the thousands of Marlins fans for not attending this one. With Hurricane Irene bearing down on the East Coast, today's first game was moved from its original spot on Thursday so the teams would be guaranteed to complete it.

Ummmm who was counting the empty sections? Hate to break it to ya buddy but your math kind of sucks. I can see about a gajillion empty sections in that picture. How about the Marlins completely lying about who showed up. Like they're not even in the same ballpark (get it) with their figures: 347 oh no there's 10,000 people here what are you talking about? Snakes.... Shit if I was them I'd take the record if I could get it, why not? No pub is bad pub - marketing 101.

I love how they're blaming this on the hurricane that's no where near Florida by the way. You think Floridians are scared of the threat of a hurricane? Fuck that, maybe us here in NY will freak when it's coming off the coast of Africa like 2 weeks before it even forms, but they deal with that shit on the reg down there, they're all meteorologists at this point, they all know that shit isn't coming near them. People just had better shit to do that day instead of watching the 58-72 Florida Marlins play an exciting game of shit.

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